Thrill your child with a Santa gift package, which includes a personalized letter with unique qualities of your child. Your child will be surprised when they find out how much Santa knows about them. The letter is printed on 8″x11″ high quality paper with exclusive design. Besides the letter the basic package includes Santa sleigh license, stickers, Christmas wishing card and ornament.


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We ship packages by US Postal service up to 5 business days of receiving the order.


Shipping is Free in the United States.

For International Shipping Add $5.


Christmas Season is the busiest time for Postal Service. Make your order early, receive Santa’s package soon, and excite your child whenever you like.

Nothing Could Surprise Your Child More Than Getting A Personalized Letter From Santa Claus and Much More!

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It’s a wonderful way to start the season!

Basic Package includes:


  1. Christmas Designed Envelope
  2. Personalized Letter From Santa Claus
  3. Santa Sleigh License
  4. Christmas Wishing Card and Ornament
  5. Christmas Stickers
  6. Rudolph Photo
  7. Autographed Santa Claus Photo
  8. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  9. ⭐Bonus: Online Free Photo with Santa
  10. ⭐Bonus: Online Free Photo with Disney Characters
  11. Free Shipping (Only in USA)
Only $14.95

We Have Unique Online Photo System With Santa Claus And Disney Characters

Free online photo with Santa Claus when you order any package

Free online photo with Disney Characters when you order any package